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Dr. Crawford’s second book released 2013, Hold on to Your Dream, promises to be a “best-seller.” This book was written to encourage those who wonder if it is possible to achieve their dreams or if they should give up hope. Dr. Crawford inspires and challenges readers to think from God’s perspective regarding their dreams and guides them on a journey of discovering their dreams or rekindling the flame of a lost passion.

Using biblical principles and siting contemporary and biblical achievers, questions are answered that many have about making their dream a reality:

  • Do I have a God-given dream?
  • Is my dream achievable?
  • How can I avoid the pitfalls on my journey?
  • What have others done to successfully achieve their dreams?
  • It is too late for me to work towards dream fulfillment?

Unfortunately, many people give up on achieving their dreams when they are faced with what seems to be insurmountable odds. Discover how to recognize and reclaim your God-given dreams, and identify steps you need to take to see your destiny fulfilled.